Sticker Contest

To celebrate the 2021 Joint Conference, we are holding a sticker contest! Members of each organization are invited to submit a design for an animal mascot for their organization. All organizations will vote on which mascot design they’d like to represent them. The winning designs from each organization will be turned into a sticker, and all mascot stickers will be available on a sheet for purchase. Proceeds of the sticker sales will go to fund scholarships for MLIS students.

For example, Alice is a member of PNC/MLA and Beth is a member of SAHLA. Alice submits a design of an orca while Beth submits a design of a moose. PNC/MLA members will vote on Alice’s orca, while SAHLA members will vote on Beth’s moose. If Alice and Beth’s designs win, they will both be included on a sticker sheet available to all members of all organizations for purchase.

For more questions, please contact Hannah Pollard at


  1. All submissions must be the artist’s original design. Designs must not contain copyrighted material (for example, your animal may not have a Starbucks cup) or anything inappropriate.
  2. We welcome submissions in color.
  3. Images must be 400 x 400 pixels maximum.
  4. File name for the image file should include your last name_animal chosen.
  5. Winning designs will be determined by popular vote within each organization, or by default if only one design is submitted.
  6. The Conference Planning Committee reserves the right to disqualify any design for not following the rules. 

Click here to submit your image: Submission Form

Deadline for submission is December 17, 2020.

If you are having problems submitting the image, please contact Hannah Pollard at

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